I’ve had the honor to speak in front of medical universities, small and large businesses, local, statewide, and international organizations, and United States government legislators, providers, and groups about a wide variety of medical and healthcare topics. I invite you to check out my upcoming speaking engagements, look over topics that I am commonly asked to cover, and watch and listen to a few of my favorite videos, interviews, and podcasts below.

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Speaking & Lecture Calendar

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Keynote Topics

I am frequently asked to speak or teach on these topics.

Functional Medicine
Gut health and the microbiome, Food allergy and sensitivity

Culinary Medicine
Cooking for colds and flus, Culinary medicine for primary care, Fad diets and intermittent fasting, Gut microbiome, Culinary medicine for pain treatment, Food Matters,

Foundations of Five Element Theory, How does acupuncture work?, The science and philosophy of acupuncture, Tongue diagnosis for dentists, Using Five Element Theory in the workplace, Using Japanese-style acupuncture therapies, Training your intuition using traditional Japanese acupuncture

Integrative Medicine
Fighting pain with the five senses, Integrative medicine for women’s health, Integrative approaches to pain management, Integrative medicine approaches to insomnia, Healthy mind healthy you

Medical Education
Illuminating blind spots: illness scripts in conventional and alternative medicine, How does acupuncture/traditional East Asian medicine work?, Science behind various integrative or alternative modalities

Videos, TV & Radio Interviews, Podcasts

Video Lecture: Traditional Asian Medicine & Acupuncture

Audio Recordings & Podcasts